Boise legislative candidate’s trial set for 3 weeks after the election

David DeHaas.
David DeHaas.

Republican District 17 Senate candidate David DeHaas is set for trial Nov. 28 on his charge of misdemeanor obstructing or resisting arrest.

That means unless the case settles, it won’t be resolved until after the outcome of DeHaas’ race against incumbent Democratic Sen. Maryanne Jordan, a former Boise City Council member who was elected to the Legislature in 2016.

DeHaas is accused of hindering a Meridian Police Department investigation July 3. Officers served a search warrant for his Boise home in the 6300 block of Randolph Drive. They also arrested DeHaas’ son, Michael DeHaas, and two other men on more serious felonies, including grand theft and drug charges.

A police affidavit claims David DeHaas “immediately became confrontational” when officers arrived at his home. Officer Nicholas Kulack described DeHaas yelling and ignoring his commands to move away from the home as the pair stood in his driveway.

DeHaas was holding a knife during the confrontation, which he did later drop, Kulack wrote. But DeHaas still did not follow police instructions, he wrote, and officers handcuffed him before moving inside.

Kulack later accused DeHaas of being “evasive” about stolen guns found in the house.

Efforts to contact DeHaas at his workplace were unsuccessful Thursday and his attorney, Steve Minert did not immediately return a message left by the Idaho Statesman. But in July, he told the Statesman that police declined multiple times to show him a search warrant when they arrived at his front door. Once they finally showed him the warrant, he said, he cooperated fully.

DeHaas denied having a knife; he later told the Idaho Press he had used a knife that morning while installing a drip irrigation system.

“I’m a nothingburger. They weren’t there for me in the first place,” he told the Statesman. “I didn’t have a knife. I didn’t have any weapons.”

David DeHaas’ charge appears completely separate from what the other men face. A search of the house found five firearms that were believed to be stolen, and $14,000 in cash that was bundled in an ammo canister or packaged in individual baggies with the words “Molly,” “Blow,” and “Weed.” Police also found what they believed were drug-packing supplies and about 20.5 grams of a substance they believed to be marijuana.

The search focused on the downstairs of the home, which court documents say is where Michael DeHaas lived.

If elected Nov. 6, DeHaas still must go through the planned one-day trial. If convicted, he would face a sentence of up to one year in county jail and a $1,000 fine.

Ada County Magistrate Judge Michael Oths is expected to hear the trial. A memo filed with the court on Oct. 4 states the prosecution plans to call three or four witnesses and the defense plans to call two witnesses.

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