Jail deputies accused of revenge plot face new lawsuit from their alleged victim

Kade McConnell, left, and Corey Weathermon.
Kade McConnell, left, and Corey Weathermon.

A lawsuit filed against two Canyon County jail deputies says they plotted to retaliate against a man by encouraging other inmates to attack him.

Sergio Gonzalez — according to investigators, the targeted victim of the scheme — sued ex-deputies Corey Weathermon, 46, and Kade McConnell, 23, in federal court March 21.

Authorities in late January charged McConnell and Weathermon with solicitation to commit aggravated battery, and aiding and abetting solicitation to commit aggravated battery, respectively. A judge in April ruled their case could proceed to district court and a full trial.

Gonzalez, 31, is accused of attacking a jail deputy while incarcerated at the facility Oct. 9. Both the investigators and Gonzalez say the two deputies later encouraged other inmates to attack Gonzalez by telling them Gonzalez was charged with child sex crimes.

Both deputies were fired Oct. 30.

The complaint states Gonzalez believes the deputies were attempting to "intentionally inflict emotional distress and/or physical harm."

He claims he suffered emotional distress, verbal abuse from inmates, and defamation of character with threats of physical violence.

Gonzalez seeks various damages: $75,000 from each of the deputies and another $250,000 from the county jail.

Both McConnell and Weathermon are expected to be arraigned in district court at 9 a.m. Friday, the next step in their criminal charges.

On April 11, Weathermon filed a tort claim against the county, claiming he was wrongfully terminated. A tort claim is the precursor to a lawsuit against a public agency. Weathermon claimed the sheriff's office improperly handled the October investigation.