Caldwell woman arrested after texts show she hired someone to shoot her husband

Tiffany Knapp
Tiffany Knapp

A Caldwell woman was arrested late last week and charged with a felony after police say she tried to hire someone to shoot and kill the man who will soon be her ex-husband in order to gain sole custody of their children.

Tiffany Dianne Knapp, 23, was arrested Jan. 4. She faces a felony charge of criminal solicitation to commit murder, along with a felony probation violation and no-contact order.

According to a Caldwell Police Department news release, police responded to the 2700 block of Ohio Avenue after receiving a report that Knapp had “put a hit out on” her husband, who was not identified. Police said Knapp had “communicated with someone to have her husband shot and killed. The individual she was communicating with to carry out the murder contacted the intended victim and told him about the plan.”

The intended victim then called police.

Knapp admitted to detectives that she was planning to kill her husband in order to gain sole custody of the pair’s children. It wasn’t immediately clear how many children they share.

“The murder was planned through a series of text messages, which were shared with detectives. The text messages corroborated Tiffany’s statements,” police said.

Police said the person whom Knapp conspired with is cooperating with police. No charges have been filed against that individual at this time.

Knapp pleaded guilty to a single felony charge of child abuse in 2016 after police say she fed her infant only Kool-Aid and diluted milk, leaving the child severely underweight.