Roofer pleads guilty to stealing 500k from 3 Treasure Valley companies

Jared W. Deveraux
Jared W. Deveraux

Jared W. Deveraux admitted he diverted money meant for his employers and instead deposited checks into his personal bank account.

Last month, Deveraux, 41, pleaded guilty to six counts of felony grand theft, two for each of the three companies that lost money because of his actions.

In exchange for the guilty pleas, the Ada County Prosecutor’s Office agreed to dismiss 39 other grand theft charges against him.

In the plea agreement arranged with Deveraux, Senior Deputy Ada County Prosecutor Shelley Akamatsu said she would recommend that Deveraux serve from five to 20 years total when he’s sentenced Feb. 6.

Deveraux worked as a sales manager for Paradigm Roofing Group in Boise and previously for ARI Roofing in Caldwell. Earlier this year, he and several former Paradigm employees formed Rooftops Energy Solutions in Boise. He was accused of stealing $515,087 from the three companies. He was removed from his association with Rooftops.

Deveraux ran a scam in which he had customers include his name on checks made out to the companies. With his name on the checks, he was able to deposit them into his bank account.

Each of the 45 counts brought against him represented a separate theft.

The scheme was discovered when a Paradigm customer contacted owner Josh Adams and asked why she was still receiving calls asking her to pay for work completed at her home. The woman said her husband had written a check for $6,190 and had given it to Deveraux.

The check was never deposited into Paradigm’s account. After an investigation, Adams learned Deveraux kept the money.

Deveraux was arrested in August. He remains in the Ada County Jail.

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