Nampan who arranged to meet '14-year-old' gets 3 to 10 for child porn

Arthur Chavarria
Arthur Chavarria

Arthur Chavarria, 30, was sentenced Monday on three felony counts of possession of sexually explicit materials, Canyon County Prosecutor Bryan Taylor said in a news release.

An undercover officer with the Internet Crimes Against Children task force posed as a 14-year-old girl to chat with Chavvaria, and the suspect sent her two images of child pornography, according to court records. The suspect also showed up at Nampa's Karcher Mall after arranging to meet the girl for sexual contact, the prosecutor's news release said. A subsequent search of Chavarria’s phone revealed hundreds of images of child pornography.

“You have admittedly possessed multiple horrific images depicting prepubescent children,” Judge Davis Vandervelde said at sentencing. “You perpetuated the child pornography industry and re-victimized these children. I do believe you need treatment, but also believe there has to be a punishment and society has to be protected.”

Prosecutors had requested a sentence of at least six years, and up to 30 years, in prison, while the defense asked for the court to retain jurisdiction and possibly release Chavarria on parole after evaluation in the prison system.

In addition to the prison term, Vandervelde ordered Chavarria to register as a sex offender, submit a DNA sample and have no contact with any minor children.

The investigation began in last December with a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that Chavarria’s Twitter account was trading child pornography, according to the prosecutor's news release. ICAC executed a search warrant on Twitter and recovered more than 40 images depicting prepubescent children engaged in sexual acts.