Woman and two men accused in Garden City murder case

From left: Mykle Blumenshine, Lyle Croson and Elena Pena
From left: Mykle Blumenshine, Lyle Croson and Elena Pena

Three people are now charged in the Garden City shooting death of Paul Russell, 30, the Ada County Prosecutor's Office said Thursday.

When prosecutors outlined an account of the Oct. 20, shooting last week, only three perpetrators were mentioned, and two suspects had already been arrested on lesser charges. Now Mykle Blumenshine, 28, is in the Ada County Jail along with Elena Pena, 27, and Lyle Croson, 34, of Nampa. All face felony charges of aiding and abetting second-degree murder, according to a Thursday news release.

Pena, arrested for aiding and abetting aggravated battery before Russell was declared dead, is accused of calling two men to the scene of a confrontation with another man who called friends, including Russell, to come pick him up, a prosecutor said Oct. 28. When Russell and another man got out of their car, the two men Pena allegedly called opened fire, the prosecutor said. Russell reportedly died of a single gunshot wound.

Pena and Croson, identified by a witness as one of the shooters, were arrested the day after the shooting, the prosecutor said at Pena's arraignment. Croson was initially charged and held on a parole violation, and Blumenshine was jailed for a parole violation Sunday.

The two male suspects are scheduled for arraignment on the new charges Friday afternoon, and Pena has a preliminary hearing on her amended charge Monday, the prosecutor's office said.