2 infants hurt at Boise day cares this summer; 1 sexual abuse charge

Boise police are urging families to verify that day care centers are licensed after an investigation showed an injured child had been attending an unlicensed day care.

If you want to verify your day care is licensed you can go to the Boise Child Care site here or call the city clerk at 208-384-3710.

Two infants suffered life-threatening injuries this summer at Boise day cares, said Sgt. Darren Mitchell. Both children were treated and are now doing fine, he said.

At least one of those day cares, an in-home facility located at the intersection of Maple Grove and Ustick roads, was unlicensed and has been shut down, he said.

“The home itself was not licensed and the person in the home providing the care was also unlicensed,” Mitchell said.

The other facility where there was a life-threatening injury has not been named, and Mitchell did not give the approximate address for the day care.

There was also a reported incident of lewd conduct at a day care facility earlier in August, Mitchell said.

Aaron William Gibson, 19, was charged with felony lewd conduct with a child and faces a preliminary hearing on Sept. 12, according to court documents. The incident allegedly occurred at a day care facility that has since been shut down, Mitchell said.

At least one of the three cases remains an open investigation.

Police investigated about seven reports of children suffering serious injuries at day-care facilities this summer, Mitchell said. Many of those day cares were cited for violations of the city’s child-care code, according to BPD.