West Ada

Meridian annexing 1,322 acres

In recent years, a handful of landowners approached the city of Meridian with a proposal: They wanted to be annexed into the city, but they wanted the city to pay to extend sewer lines to their property, said Caleb Hood, Meridian's planning division manager.

The city normally requires private landowners to pay for their own sewer lines and other infrastructure, Hood said. This was an unusual case.

City sewer mains stopped around Victory Road. The property the landowners wanted to annex was agricultural ground mostly south of Amity Road — another mile to the south. Public works experts estimated extending a sewer main the roughly 1.25 miles would cost $4 million. That was likely a prohibitive cost for the landowners.

Between the land to be annexed and the end of the existing sewer main lay two obstacles. On the west side of Meridian Road, between Amity and Victory roads, lies a housing development that has sewer service, but the pipes on the southern were only big enough for individual homes, Hood said.

On the east side of Meridian lies a storage facility converted from what was once an industrial-scale group of chicken coops.

As negotiations with the city unfolded, Hood said, more and more landowners got involved. In the end, 23 people who own 1,322 acres were on board.

With City Council approval, Meridian will now build a sewer main to the north edge of the newly annexed property. The expected completion date is early 2018, Hood said.

Most of the land is slated for residential development, Hood said.