West Ada

Public asked for help in solving poaching case near Boise River

About a week ago, a trophy mule deer buck was found dead along the Boise River near Linder Road, not far from Eagle Island State Park. The animal is believed to have died on or around Saturday, Nov. 7.

“The buck was killed with a bullet from a high powered rifle,” conservation officer Rob Brazie said in a release from Idaho Department of Fish & Game. “But the evidence suggests that the buck was only wounded by the shot, and that it then ran off and died at this location.”

Fish & Game officials said deer hunting in the Linder Road area is for short-range weapons only, and the buck season closed weeks ago. Citizens Against Poaching is offering a reward for information about the case. Tipsters may remain anonymous.

“The unique antlers on the buck were likely its downfall, but may help bring the poacher(s) to justice,” Brazie said. “I’m hopeful that someone will recognize the distinct antlers on this trophy buck and be able to provide us with additional information regarding this poaching case.”

Call the poaching tipline: 1-800-632-5999. Anyone with information about this poaching may also contact Fish & Game’s Nampa office at 208-465-8465 (weekdays) and Idaho State Police at 208-846-7550 (weekends).