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Kuna mayor-elect looks to diversify economy

Joe and Maresa Stear
Joe and Maresa Stear

Joe Stear said his primary focus will be the same in office as it was on the campaign trail.

Stear said his goal is to encourage a stronger business climate in Kuna. There are two reasons for that, he said, and the first is money.

Today, he said, commercial property taxes cover just 13 percent of the city’s property tax bill, and the rest comes from homeowners.

Second, Stear said, bringing more businesses to Kuna will mean more to do.

“We actually have gotten the stigma of being a bedroom community,” he said. “ It’s like any city. You want to be able to live and work and play there. And right now we’re kind of set to where you get to live here.”

Stear said he’s leaning on current Mayor Greg Nelson, who’s retiring, to help prepare for office. He said Nelson has put Kuna in a good place.

“I don’t want to make any steps backward when we’ve already made good steps forward,” Stear said.

Meet Joe Stear

Age: 56

Job: Kuna Machine Shop owner

Relevant experience: Commissioner, Kuna Rural Fire District

Family: wife, Maresa; four children, ages 22-31