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Meridian driver cited after hitting bicycle carrying mom, 2 kids

A 29-year-old driver was cited for failure to yield after striking a bicycle in a Meridian intersection Monday afternoon, according to police.

A 9-year-old child was transported to a hospital to be treated for minor injuries from the low-speed collision, said Meridian Police Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea.

Basterrechea said the child was one of two children — the other was 7 years old — who were riding on a bicycle with their mother.

Here’s what the deputy chief said happened:

The westbound driver of a Hyundai stopped on East Meadowgrass Street to turn north onto North Locust Grove Road.

The trio on the bicycle was riding south on the sidewalk on the east side of Locust Grove Road. They entered Meadowgrass Street just before the Hyundai began turning right onto Locust Grove.

Basterrechea said the driver looked left as she was turning right, but apparently did not see the bicycle coming into the crosswalk to her right.

Failure to yield is a traffic infraction that carries a $90 fine.

Katy Moeller: 208-377-6413, @KatyMoeller