Canyon County

Nampa trailer park residents get more time to resolve water woes

The residents at Nampa's Rushmore trailer court, told last month they'd have to leave by April 17, now could have up to May 31 -- if the neighborhood's septic system holds out.

If the system fails, residents of the 17 trailers would need to move or abandon their trailers within seven days, according to an updated city notice distributed to Rushmore residents and park owner Dean Leavitt on Wednesday. The notice reports that Leavitt requested more time for his tenants to find other locations.

Residents had been limited to one hour of running water per day before the city intervened, declaring the situation dangerous and unsanitary. The owner subsequently arranged to provide at least five hours of water a day. Leavitt has said he's trying to resolve the issues, but the system would be too costly to replace and he expects to close the park.

The north Nampa trailer park is located at North 39th Street and Garrity Boulevard.