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How a group photo led to the floor collapsing at Indian Creek Steakhouse in Caldwell

Fire truck file photo. | Getty Images
Fire truck file photo. | Getty Images

A holiday party at the Indian Creek Steakhouse took a dangerous turn on Thursday when the upper-level loft in the restaurant collapsed, fire authorities said.

Caldwell Fire Chief Mark Wendelsdorf told the Statesman that the department received a report around 7:53 p.m. that the restaurant, at 711 Main St., was in need of help. Wendelsdorf said that when guests at a holiday party gathered together in one area of the loft for a group photo, the loft pulled away from the wall and collapsed to the first floor.

Multiple guests and diners were in the building at the time, he said. When fire crews arrived, the staff at the steakhouse had already begun evacuations and accounting for all guests and staff members. There were no injuries.

Reconnaissance work by the Caldwell Fire Department confirmed that no one was trapped under debris. Wendelsdorf said the natural gas and water to the building was turned off, but once the restaurant clears the debris, a city building inspector could allow them to reopen some sections of the restaurant.

On the Indian Creek Steakhouse’s Facebook page, the restaurant issued an apology, saying, “From the staff, management and owners of Indian Creek Steakhouse, our most sincere apologies to everyone. We are so thankful nobody was hurt and heartfelt thank yous to each and every person who reached out and showed up tonight.”

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