Canyon County

Inmate claims Canyon County illegally refused his bond just so ICE could arrest him

The inside of the Canyon County jail, photographed in May 2016.
The inside of the Canyon County jail, photographed in May 2016. Idaho Statesman file

A lawsuit filed Friday in federal court by Senobio Padilla-Arredondo claims Canyon County authorities and Sheriff Kieran Donahue illegally prevented him from posting bond because of his citizenship status.

Padilla-Arredondo’s lawsuit claims he was arrested on Jan. 22, 2016, was charged with misdemeanor driving under the influence, and his bond was set at $1,250. It claims that Padilla-Arredondo’s spouse went to the jail the day of his arrest and was told she could not pay that bond.

On Jan. 25, 2016, the lawsuit claims, Padilla-Arredondo pleaded guilty to the DUI charge and was given a $5,000 bond until his March 10, 2016 sentencing. Again, Padilla-Arredondo claims his spouse went to the jail to pay the bond and “was dissuaded from doing so in a conversation with a bail bondsman who conveyed to her that Canyon County would not accept the bond,” the lawsuit states.

County staff rebuffed his spouse a third time on March 8, this time telling her to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the lawsuit claims.

ICE lodged an immigration detainer against Padilla-Arredondo on March 10, the same day he was sentenced.

Prior to that date, there was no detainer in place and the county’s refusal to let his spouse post his bond was thus illegal, the lawsuit claims.

Padilla-Arredondo alleges the county has a policy or custom “of detaining inmates solely due to a suspicion of the inmate’s immigration status” or “solely due to the request of an immigration official or agency to hold an individual beyond the period” when the inmate would be released.

The lawsuit claims Padilla-Arredondo was not given due process. His claims also include unlawful seizure and false arrest or imprisonment.

Canyon County officials could not immediately be reached late Friday to respond to the lawsuit.

According to online records, Padilla-Arredondo was ordered to serve two years of supervised probation for the DUI in 2016.