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How to keep your Boise pet safe this Fourth of July

The Fourth of July can be scary for our pets, with loud noises coming from fireworks and revelers.

If your pet goes missing over the holiday, the redemption fee at the Idaho Humane Society will be waived from July 5 to 7.

Here are some tips, provided by the Idaho Humane Society, for keeping your best friends safe this holiday weekend.

Keep them inside:

This could be the best way to keep your buddy from running off. Keep the shades drawn to stop your dog or cat from getting too much visual overstimulation. It might even be worthwhile to keep your dog in a crate, so they can be secure. Don’t walk your dog to a outdoor celebration where there will be crowds, noise and surprises.

Entertain them:

It could help your pet to have the radio or television on to distract them from scary-sounding fireworks. This will also be a good time to bust out the extra special treats. Pamper that pet to help them through the loud holiday.

Make sure their identification information is up-to-date:

Double check your dog or cat’s tags to make sure your information is correct, and look into your pal’s microchip information to see if it’s up to date.

If your pet goes missing:

The Humane Society will be closed on July 4, but you can swing by the next day to see if your pet is at one of the shelters and you can file a missing pet report. Again, redemption fees will be waived from July 5 to 7. If you see a pet that’s injured or appears to be missing, call the Ada County Sheriff’s dispatch line at 208-377-6790.