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Ada County approves application for airstrip near Table Rock

Dean Hilde’s plane
Dean Hilde’s plane

The county’s Planning and Zoning Commission voted 4-1 to allow the private airstrip just north of Table Rock after a public hearing Thursday that ran past midnight, according to an Ada County press release.

Applicant Dean Hilde sought the airstrip and an accompanying shop and hangar as a place to land his 4-cylinder plane. The airstrip is expected to be 1,200 feet long and 40 feet wide on nearly 150 acres just off of a private lane connected to Table Rock Road.

The site is in Boise’s area of impact, just outside of city limits, and the City Council recommended the county deny the permit in a vote last month. Their concerns included noise, that the airstrip is a poor fit with the city’s Foothills plan and that it’s not located in a fire district.

The county P&Z addressed at least one of those concerns Thursday, requiring as part of the permit that Hilde get the new airstrip into an appropriate fire district. The P&Z also said it will revisit the permit in five years.

Hilde was apparently already landing his plane at a smaller landing strip next to a home off of the same private lane, according to the county. He learned that a conditional use permit was required to land planes on private airstrips when he visited the county to get a permit to build a new home and the shop and hangar. According to the county, Hilde decided to stop using the smaller airstrip rather than get a permit for it, and seek the permit for the new, larger one.

Critics of the P&Z vote will have 15 days from the time the panel’s decision is signed to appeal the matter to the Ada County commissioners. Appeals should be filed with Ada County Development Services.