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Bieter to put 3 Boise council members on urban renewal board

Ben Quintana
Ben Quintana

By the end of May, Boise Mayor David Bieter expects to nominate City Council members Ben Quintana, Maryanne Jordan and Scot Ludwig to the board of commissioners for Capital City Development Corporation, the city’s urban renewal agency, Bieter spokesman Mike Journee said.

Two of the new commissioners would replace Lauren McLean, herself a councilwoman, and David Eberle, a former councilman who’s planning a run for a spot on the Ada County Highway District board of commissioners. Bieter’s third appointee would fill a vacancy on the urban renewal agency’s board that’s been empty since Phil Reberger left it almost three years ago.

Journee said Bieter wants to “deepen” the city’s representation on the agency’s board while at the same time bringing in new blood.

McLean, who early this year became the council’s second-in-charge, said serving on the CCDC board “has been one of my favorite things because I’m passionate about helping Boise grow.”

“I would have served as long as I could have,” she said. “My term is up. I serve at the pleasure of the mayor, and he’s opted to appoint three other people in my place.”

The renewal agency’s mission is to spur economic development in four districts in or near Downtown Boise. It uses money from property tax revenue increases in those districts to pay for a variety of infrastructure, cleanup and other improvements that make new private projects easier.

Executive Director John Brunelle said he’s preparing for the board’s new makeup.

“It gives me more cats to herd, I guess,” he said. “But it gives me some pretty knowledgeable people, too. So I’m excited to keep the momentum going.”

After Bieter makes the Ludwig, Quintana and Jordan nominations official, the City Council must vote on whether to confirm them. The vote was originally scheduled to take place May 3, but it was delayed.