Boise & Garden City

Boise's Harris Ranch ready for another wave of development

On Tuesday, the Boise City Council is likely to sign off on the final plat for another 32 homes in the Dallas Harris Estates portion of East Boise's Harris Ranch neighborhood.

That's a mundane shuffling of paper, but it highlights homebuyers' continuing appetite for Harris Ranch. Doug Fowler, who oversees development of the neighborhood, said construction of 32 new homes should start this summer.

Another 60 or so homes — also sold — are under construction along Barnside and Brookridge ways just west of the phase that goes before the City Council on Tuesday. Those homes should be finished this year, Fowler said.

Harris Ranch has seen a remarkable resurgence since the end of the Great Recession. After years of economic turbulence and a struggle to define the neighborhood's long-term vision, construction began on Dallas Harris Estates, a subdivision north of Warm Springs Avenue and west of Eckert Road. So far, more than 300 homes have been built or are under construction in the subdivision.

Meanwhile, Fowler said he'll soon begin looking for a private developer to take on a long hoped-for commercial area just west of the new area of Dallas Harris Estates. It would have shops, restaurants, offices, condominiums and apartments, he said.