Boise & Garden City

Canada goose dies after shot with arrow in Garden City

A Canada goose was euthanized after being shot with an arrow.
A Canada goose was euthanized after being shot with an arrow. Animals in Distress

Volunteers with the Animals in Distress Ruth Melichar Bird Center in Boise euthanized a Canada goose on Sunday that had leg and lower body injuries too severe for rehabilitation.

Jennifer Rockwell, who has volunteered at the Bird Center for 15 years, found the goose on the edge of a large pond in Garden City. The center had received several calls about the injured goose. Rockwell said injured birds that are still mobile are typically difficult to catch. In this case, the bird was lethargic and didn’t try to swim away when she approached.

According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, it is legal to hunt Canada geese in this area between Oct. 17, 2015 and Jan. 29, 2016.

Animals in Distress, a private nonprofit, relies on donations to operate, said Rockwell. The organization rehabilitates 2,500 birds each year and 300 mammals. Rockwell said the center’s busy season is mid-April through mid-September, when birds start migrating back to the area and staking out nesting spots. The Bird Center is located at 4650 N. 36th St. in Boise. Find more about the center, volunteering or making a donation by visiting

If you find an injured wild animal, the Animals in Distress hotline is 208-367-1026.