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Looking for a ‘fansee’ dinner spot? This Boise 7-year-old has you covered

You’ll smile when you see this 7-year-old’s take on a Boise restaurant

Keenan Andrew's first-grade teacher assigned him to write a persuasive essay. Grab your hat; you're going out to dinner.
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Keenan Andrew's first-grade teacher assigned him to write a persuasive essay. Grab your hat; you're going out to dinner.

Looking for a “fansee place” to eat? A Boise 7-year-old knows exactly the place and has all the information needed to persuade you.

As part of a first-grade persuasive essay assignment at Roosevelt Elementary School, Keenan Andrews wrote about one of his favorite restaurants: Barbacoa — or as he spells it, Barbcowa, Barbacucowa and Barbcowae.

He likes the place so much that he wrote and illustrated a seven-page book (“Way you should go to Barbcowa”) about the subject just to convince you that, to him, there really is no place better.

Barbacoa book cover

“Are you looking for a fansee place to eat dinnre?” wrote Keenan, whose parents are Ryan Andrews and Katie Yule, and stepmother Kelly Andrews. “If you are, Barbcowa is the next place you should go eat dinnre.”

Andrews had only been to Barbacoa once when he got the assignment to write the essay, make a cover for it and present it as a book.

He said he could have written about anything from “what you had for breakfast” to “why you should climb trees.”

He had just been to the restaurant over the weekend, and he wanted to write about a fancy place or something nice.

“They have nice food to write about,” Keenan said in an interview. “I picked here because it was really nice steak, and I had a bunch of fun coming here. I thought this was a really cool restaurant, so I was going to write about it.”

Manager Samantha Castoro said it’s amazing to see how someone so young could see the restaurant.

Barbacoa book page 1

“To reach someone that young and to really affect such a young mind, I don’t think was really our intention, but when we saw (his essay), we all absolutely fell in love,” she said in an interview.

To get you to go to Barbacoa, Andrews clearly wants you to know about the food. He first wrote about the “hot rock” filet.

Barbacoa book pg 2

“They allso have stack that they lite on fire in front of you,” he wrote. “And they put it on a hot rock.”

He then raves over the glowing cotton candy and brownies.

Barbacoa pg 3

“Anothr reasin you should go to Barbcowa is that they have kotin cande whith a candl in choclet in the midl. And anthr thing Barbcowa has is bronis.”

Not convinced yet? What about the “realy realy good gwokamolea” that comes with chips? To top it off, you can get a side of “fretch-frise” with your order.

Barbacoa pg 4

“We pride ourselves on the restaurant as a whole, but we do have specific items that we’re kind of known for,” Castoro said. “Keenan ... saw those items: our “hot-rock” filet, our cotton candy, the French fries.”

“His spelling errors made it so authentic,” she said. ”That was his writing, and that was his words. That was our favorite part for sure.”

barbacoa pg 5

“Barbcowa allso has a out-side deck that they open in the summr thats realy nice,” he wrote. “I havit been on it prisinalea but I have seen it.”

Barbacoa is family-owned and operated by the Castoros. It opened in 2008 but was closed for a few years after a fire and reopened at its 276 Bobwhite Court location in 2011. “Barbacoa” is a style of Latin American cooking of spiced meat over an open fire or grill; the technique is the “grandfather of American barbecue,” the restaurant says.

Castoro said the restaurant ranges from fine dining to casual dining. Steak and seafood with a Latin flair are its specialties.

Keenan’s 8th birthday is coming up on Sept. 16, and he plans to be at Barbacoa.

barbacoa pg 6

“So reamebr if you are looking for a fantsea place to eat, Barbcowa is your next stop,” he wrote. ”If you desid to go to Barbcowa you might finde Keenan there at his next birthday dinnr.”