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The bare Foothills lots where homes slid off were auctioned. Here’s what happened.

Four empty lots on Alto Via Court and one on Strata Via Place near Table Rock were sold during an auction held last weekend.

Each bid came in at several times the minimum set by Ada County to cover back taxes and fees. The bids ranged from $28,100 to $36,400 for the Alto Via sites and $65,177 for the one on Strata Via.

Minimum bids were listed at between 4,816 and $8,922 for Alto Via and $23,378 for the one on Strata Via. There were at least 20 bids on each Alto Via lot and 70 bids on the other lot, at 270 N. Strata Via.

Three years ago, homes in that area of the Boise Foothills slid off their foundations during a slow-moving landslide. Two roads were closed because of the damage, and large houses were ruled uninhabitable.

The successful bidders on the lots, who will not be publicly identified until the county receives payment, have until 5 p.m. Thursday to do so, Ada County spokeswoman Elizabeth Duncan said in an email.

By law, Idaho counties take title to properties and any homes or other structures after taxes go unpaid for three years. The owner can get relief for another year by paying the oldest tax bill. A property must be sold by auction within 14 months after a county obtains title, Duncan said.

Any future development of the Alto Via and Strata Via lots would be governed by city and state regulations, Duncan said.

The winning bids were:

140 N. Alto Via Court: $33,200

143 N. Alto Via Court: $28,100

159 N. Alto Via Court: $36,400

177 N. Alto Via Court: $36,300

270 N. Strata Via Place: $65,177

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Maddie Capron is an intern with the Idaho Statesman, covering general news and features. She is a recent graduate of Ohio University and grew up in Ohio. Previously, she was an intern with the Ohio Center for Investigative Journalism, Garden Center and Cleveland Scene magazines.