Boise & Garden City

Center for top-notch athletes and developmentally disabled people planned in Boise

Tenants could start operating by the end of this year at a proposed office-warehouse building in Southwest Boise.

The building, as proposed, would have more than 80,000 total square feet, according to documents filed with the city of Boise. About 31,000 square feet would be for office space, with about 50,000 square feet taken up by an attached warehouse.

It would be located on Saturn Way a few hundred feet west of Costco.

The warehouse would house basketball courts, said Drew Pearce, who's helping coordinate the project. Pearce said a variety of tenants would operate out of the building. He declined to name them, though he said they likely would include athletic trainers, physical therapists, private sports clubs and an organization that helps people with developmental disabilities become more independent, get jobs, and generally live more full lives.

The parties involved hope to finalize their agreements and financing in June, with construction starting in early July, Pearce said.