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Treasure Valley irrigation canal to shut down for season

The Treasure Valley’s largest irrigation system will shut down flows for the fall and winter seasons starting Oct. 6, according to a Nampa and Meridian Irrigation District press release.

The process will shut off irrigation from about 500 miles of canals and take about three days “to let the system slowly bleed down,” according to the release.

The canal will be shut off at the head gates at the Ridenbaugh Canal on the Boise River near Barber Park, according to the release.

“It was a very successful irrigation season especially considering that water demand started off high because of the warm spring temps we experienced and there has been very little precipitation throughout the growing season. We will carry over a fair amount of water going into next year but we won’t have an exact amount until the final water accounting process is finished,” said Greg Curtis, NMID water superintendent in a statement.

Residents who want to use irrigation systems to maintain their yards will need to rely on municipal systems, according to the release.