What will the One Stone school be like?

Will the high school meet regularly?

Yes, Monday through Friday just like regular school. Opening day is Sept. 6. One Stone plans to be a year-round school with students serving internships in the summer.

There is a lot of project-based learning, but where do kids learn the fundamentals such as algebra or how to write?

Some of it will be taught through project-based learning, where students will do research-based writing. Also, students who write a report for a client in the ad agency would be critiqued by coaches on their writing ability. For other subjects, such as math, students would use online resources.

Will the school be staffed with certified teachers?

One Stone will have coaches who have an expertise in their field, whether it’s in engineering, business, or other fields. The school also recently hired a certified teacher.

With no grades, how will students, parents or others know how they did?

The school is working on a digital portfolio of student work to show what they have done. In online programs they will have to show mastery before moving on to other lessons.

How would a student get a transcript for college?

One Step is working on coordinating what is taught in the school day to specific education standards and to show how well students are performing.

What about a diploma?

One Stone will work toward accreditation with the Northwest Association of Independent Schools that would allow it to issue diplomas.

Where can I learn more?

One Stone will hold an information “pop-up”meeting at 6:30 p.m. on June 14 at One Stone headquarters, 7025 W. Emerald St., Boise.

Where can I apply?

Applications are online at OneStone.org. After applying students will be asked to furnish a letter of recommendation and will interview with a team from the school.