‘Ghost Adventures’ to feature Lava Hot Springs episode Saturday

In August, the “Ghost Adventures” team investigated the Lava Hot Springs Inn.
In August, the “Ghost Adventures” team investigated the Lava Hot Springs Inn.

A “Ghost Adventures” episode investigating the Lava Hot Springs Inn will premiere Saturday evening, Nov. 7, on the Travel Channel. (Check your cable-provider listings for time information. The show will also repeat.)

The popular TV show took over the East Idaho hotel for three days in August to investigate reports of paranormal activity. During the filming, the hotel was visited by fans from all over the region trying to meet the “Ghost Adventures” team.

Since then, the hotel has seen an increase in tourists seeking the hotel’s many alleged ghosts, according to Lava Hot Springs Inn owner George Katsilometes. He also said he has high hopes that the airing of the episode will bring in even more people.

“They told us that it (“Ghost Adventures”) is the biggest show on the Travel Channel,” said Katsilometes. “Something like a million people watch it. They told me they did a show on a hotel in Maine and, after it aired, the place was booked for two years.”

However, the show didn’t just stick around the hotel. Katsilometes said they spent a lot of time filming around town, especially in the hot springs. According to Katsilometes, the “Ghost Adventures” team told him that there are minerals in the hot springs that have been known to attract ghosts.

“That kind of exposure is going to help the whole region, I think,” said Katsilometes.

Katsilometes said he has thought about promoting the hotel as a paranormal point of interest but hasn’t decided how to go about it. Though, he hasn’t had to do much in the past.

The inn’s history as a hospital put it on the radar of local ghost-hunting teams long before the Travel Channel showed up. According to Katsilometes, it was a ghost-buster team from Salt Lake that called the Travel Channel and asked them to come shoot a show there.

“I don’t understand the whole phenomenon but people really believe in this stuff,” said Katsilometes. “I don’t get it but a lot of people have died here, there’s no doubt about that.”