Rebuilt Redfish Lake docks, marina welcome visitors

Redfish Lake Lodge's docks and marina, effectively destroyed by weather in February, have been rebuilt and are open for business, lodge General Manager Jeff Clegg said.

"Everything is up and running," Clegg said Thursday, noting the work was completed June 12. "It's exactly the same as it has been, as far as the size and the services we're offering."

Asked how much the project cost, Clegg replied, "we're not sure. Bills are still rolling in." In March, he had estimated the rebuild costs would total at least $200,000, and he said that prediction seems to be holding true.

A Help Redfish Lodge GoFundMe page launched by Josh Johnson had raised $6,540 by Thursday evening, and Clegg said he's very grateful for the help. The page's fund-raising goal is $25,000.

Johnson said Thursday he hasn't seen the new docks yet, but he can hardly wait.

"It's a little bit of heaven on Earth," he said of Redfish Lake. "We go back there every year."

The marina, built in 2001, was apparently the victim of a weather event that shifted the whole structure and tore it off of its pilings sometime in February. The entire structure had to be removed. A temporary dock system handled the demand until the new dock was complete last week, Clegg said.