Garden City police respond to 2 incidents of unconscious drivers in 11 hour-span

From left to right: Alexander Flink, Christina Bergstrom and Patrick Smith
From left to right: Alexander Flink, Christina Bergstrom and Patrick Smith Ada County Jail

In the span of less than 11 hours on Monday and Tuesday, Garden City Police responded to two separate incidents of unconscious drivers at the wheel while likely under the influence of drugs.

The incidents happened three miles apart from each other. There is no known connection between the incidents, police said.

During the first incident, police responded to a call at 4:25 p.m. of a pair of unresponsive subjects sitting in a parked Jeep Cherokee in a parking lot on the 8100 block of Chinden Boulevard. The car’s engine was running and the vehicle was in drive, police said. Officers boxed the vehicle in to prevent it from moving.

The driver, 25-year-old Alexander Flink, and the passenger, 27-year-old Christina Bergstrom, were initially unresponsive. Flink was eventually awakened when officers opened the passenger-side door, however, and attempted to flee. He put the car in reverse and hit an officer with the open passenger-side door in addition to the police vehicle parked behind the Jeep. Flink and Bergstrom were eventually arrested. Police believe the two were using opioids.

The officer struck by the door did not suffer significant injuries.

The second incident took place at 3:02 a.m. on the 5900 block of Glenwood Street. Patrick Smith, 39, was unconscious in a parked gray Mercedes that had its engine on. Officers turned the ignition off before waking Smith, who was believed to be under the influence of drugs. Officers found 64 grams of heroin and 9 grams of cocaine, among other drugs. Smith was arrested on charges of drug trafficking, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a firearm while under the influence.

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