The most popular Netflix show in Idaho? No one else in the U.S. agrees with our choice.


Your tastes in television are changing, Idaho, if Netflix is to be believed.

According to data collected by HighSpeedInternet.com, the most popular Netflix show in the Gem State in 2017 was “Travelers.” Popularity was determined by Google Trend data and how frequently the show was searched for.

For the uninitiated, “Travelers” is a show set in a dreary future that features a cast of characters who travel back in time in an attempt to alter their current situation. Idaho was the only state that preferred “Travelers” over all other programs.

In 2016, the most popular Netflix show in Idaho was “Stranger Things.”

“Orange is the New Black” was by far the most popular show in the United States, as it was the most searched for show in 15 states. “American Vandal” was the next most popular, leading the pack in five states.

Somewhat comically, three different states each had “Star Trek: Discovery” as their most searched for show. The series is not available on Netflix in the United States.

According to data, Netflix is streamed for a total of a billion hours per week.

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