Boise’s infamous Potato Drop helped earn this game show contestant $10,000

One game show contestant is a little bit richer thanks some Idaho trivia.

In an episode of ABC’s “Child Support” that aired Friday, contestant Darrell was asked to name which 17-foot replica item is dropped on New Year’s Eve in Downtown Boise.

“You know, the best guess that I could come up with that I think is intelligent, I’m going to say a potato,” Darrell told host Fred Savage (who has his own Boise connections) after just a few seconds of deliberation.

Of course, he was correct. But part of “Child Support’s” schtick is that a panel of five kids can help save the contestants when they answer incorrectly – or just weigh in hilariously on the same question when the contestants are correct.

Savage’s cohost, British comedian Ricky Gervais, couldn’t even make it through the question before the kids started scratching their heads.

“Each year, in Downtown Boise, Idaho,” Gervais began before a confused kiddo cut him off.

“What the -- ?” interrupted one boy.

“What’s Boise, Idaho?” asked another one, wrinkling his nose.

“It’s a place,” Gervais told them, laughing. Then he looks into the camera: “Sorry for anyone in Boise, Idaho.”

Oh, well. Gervais finally managed to get his entire question out, and one of the children was sure he had the answer.

“Idaho is literally known as the potato state,” the boy told Gervais.

Darrell was able to advance, and Idahoans took notice of the nod.

“Good thing for Darrell we don’t drop a gem!” wrote the Idaho Potato Drop on Facebook, along with a clip of the question. The bit also made it to Boise’s Reddit page and Twitter, too.

You can watch the full episode by logging into ABC’s online platform here.

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