Boise ranks among the most caring cities in the country. But you already knew that

You already knew people in Boise were friendly and hospitable. Now there’s data to back it up.

Wallethub.com released its list of 2017’s Most Caring Cities. The rankings, which consisted of the 100 largest cities in the United States, were based on three factors: caring for the community, caring for the vulnerable and caring in the workforce. Each city was awarded points based on the aforementioned criteria, and the final scores were given.

Source: WalletHub

Boise ranked No. 31 with a total score of 57.07. It ranked No. 22 in caring for the community, No. 31 in caring for the vulnerable and No. 47 in caring for the workforce.

The most caring city in the United States, according to the data, is Madison, Wisconsin, which scored 68.13. The least caring city in the country? That would be Laredo, Texas, which scored 37.86 overall.

The caring for the community factor was graded on a 40-point scale that included factors such as property and violent crime rate, food and clothing distribution to the needy and volunteering hours per capita. Caring for the vulnerable was a 40-point scale based on factors like poverty rate, percentage of sheltered homeless persons and disability friendliness of employers. Caring in the workforce was a 20-point scale that weighed factors like nurses per capita, firefighters and paramedics per capita, special education teachers per school-aged people with disabilities and personal-care aides per capita.

More information, including the specific grading scale Wallethub.com used, can be found here.

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