Sick of two lanes on I-84 from Nampa to Caldwell? Your wish for more lanes is coming true


The widening of the Interstate 84 from Nampa to Caldwell is closer to becoming a reality.

The Idaho Transportation Board unanimously voted to allocate an additional $86 million in GARVEE (Grant Anticipation Revenue Vehicle) bonds toward the project on Thursday. The project is set improve I-84 from Franklin Road in Nampa into Caldwell. The Idaho Transportation Board also allocated $150 million in GARVEE bonds to the project in April and received additional funding in October.

Of the $300 million dollars in GARVEE bonds set aside by the Idaho Legislature for the state in 2017, $236 million was allocated for the Canyon County interstate project. The remaining $64 million was approved for use in northern Idaho.

The total projected cost of the improvements to I-84 from Nampa to Caldwell is $330 million. Additional state funds, including $100 million approved by the board in October, and federal dollars will also go toward the project.

The transportation board also approved on Thursday the allocation of $6 million in GARVEE bonds to begin preliminary work on connecting the State Highway 16 to I-84.

Michael Katz: 208-377-6444, @MichaelLKatz