A woman appeared to suffer a stroke. He was there to pull her from her flaming car

Idaho Department of Correction Officer Oscar Arguello made himself a lot of fans after his actions Monday.

In a Facebook post from the Idaho Department of Correction, the story of Arguello, a probation and parole officer in District 3, details what it describes as “something out of a movie.”

Arguello was on his way back from transporting an offender to the South Idaho Correctional Institute. While driving through Caldwell, he noticed a car with a blown tire driving 35 miles per hour through a stop sign and eventually into a muddy pit next to railroad tracks on Linden Ave. near Caldwell Boulevard.

The driver, an elderly woman, appeared to have suffered a stroke, according to the post. Her foot still on the gas pedal, an engine fire began. Arugello pulled the woman from the car and, within seconds, the car was “fully engulfed in flames.”

Once help arrived and the situation was taken care of, Arguello had the opportunity to take the rest of the day off. He refused, opting to instead complete his day.

“This is truly a heroic act,” Cory Barrier, District 3’s deputy manager, said in the Facebook post. “There is absolutely no doubt had Oscar not taken action this woman would have died in the fire.”

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