Kuna infant seriously injured after being attacked by family dog

A Kuna infant was seriously injured on Monday when the family’s dog attacked the child, according to Ada County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Patrick Orr.

The baby, a 4-week-old boy, was in a baby swing in the family’s home near Linder Road and Sagwon Drive when the attack happened.

According to detectives, a woman who lives in the home was loading items into her vehicle in the garage while the infant sat in his swing. As the woman made trips to and from her truck, she checked in on the boy. During her last trip to the vehicle, she was out of the home for about four minutes and returned to find the child on the ground and visibly injured, Orr said.

She called paramedics immediately, and the child remained hospitalized on Wednesday.

The nature of the boy’s injuries weren’t immediately clear, but the woman who reported the attack told police that there are three dachshunds in the home. She believed one of them got up to the baby swing via some nearby furniture, attacked the child and knocked the boy and the swing to the ground.

Orr said no charges have been filed, and it’s not clear whether any will be in the future. The fate of the dog, which reportedly has no history of biting or aggression, was not known Wednesday