After freeze-free period, Boiseans should brace for wintry weather

Last week, Boise ended its longest ever streak of above-freezing temperatures while simultaneously setting a record for the area's latest first freeze. But while those numbers tell the story of unusually toasty weather, locals should brace for a blast of winter, according to the Boise branch of the National Weather Service.

Boise hit 26 degrees last Wednesday for the first time since March 28 — a record 232 days without dipping below freezing temperatures. The streak far surpasses the last record of 207 days, which occurred in 2005.

That Nov. 16 freeze was also the latest first freeze of the season since 1944, when temperatures hit freezing on Nov. 11.

Still, NWS is predicting an "active storm pattern" into Thanksgiving weekend, meaning the Treasure Valley can expect rain earlier in the week.

"I wouldn't rule out a rain/snow mix," said meteorologist Dave Groenert, who said any snow isn't expected to accumulate.

Temperatures are expected to be in the 40s, Groenert said, and Thanksgiving is expected to be dry — good news for those hoping to deep fry their holiday turkeys outside.

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