You saw right: Greenhouses sprouting on Simplot’s headquarters

A closer look at one of the greenhouses.
A closer look at one of the greenhouses.

Thousands of commuters are doubtless familiar with the three greenhouses on top of the Simplot World Headquarters building in Downtown Boise.

The J.R. Simplot Co. hasn't decided what it will grow in the greenhouses, which are just above the company's future cafeteria on the southwest corner of 9th and Front streets, Simplot spokesman Ken Dey said.

The greenhouses have footprints of 30 feet by 60 feet. The company might use them to test sustainable crops that demand less resources, such as water or fertilizer, Dey said. Made with metal frames and glass panels, Dey said, they'll be a good resource for a variety of experts at the company, which traditionally specializes in potatoes, fertilizer and other agriculture products.

Meanwhile, progress continues on the Simplot World Headquarters project, located just north of Jack's Urban Meeting Place. The latter is a recreation-crafts-education-meeting-events building the J.R. Simplot Foundation is building as a tribute to the spirit of Jack Simplot, who quit school in Declo at age 14 and became a billionaire.

Dey said Simplot's company hopes to begin moving into its new headquarters Oct. 1 and finish moving by mid-January. Landscaping of the park area between JUMP is likely to take place next spring.