State revokes Nampa insurance agent’s license for lying

Scott Randall Gropp, a Nampa insurance agent, was disciplined Dec. 1 by the Idaho Department of Insurance for violations of Idaho law including misrepresentations and omissions, fraudulent or dishonest practices or incompetence in the conduct of his insurance business.

Gropp had been licensed since 1992, and his agency Intermountain Insurance Group LLC was licensed since 2009.

The department revoked Gropp’s license for filing a false claim, giving an insurance company false information and issuing fake certificates of liability insurance from his agency. The department said Gropp:

▪  Knowingly filed a false claim to Progressive Insurance in fall 2014 after one of his children’s vehicles was stolen. The policy had lapsed due to non-payment. After the theft, Gropp renewed the policy under a new number to obtain money.

▪  Provided false information in October 2013 to Progressive Insurance to get an automobile policy for himself. Gropp said he was single and the only driver in his household, but he was married with five children of driving age at home. He also did not disclose that two of the vehicles he was insuring belonged to, or were registered to, two of his children.

The department had previously reprimanded Gropp in August 2011 for failing to identify his children in automobile policies purchased from Liberty Northwest Insurance Company.

▪  Issued five falsified certificates of liability insurance through his agency, Intermountain Insurance Group LLC, between August 2013 and September 2014. The certificates contained misrepresentations and inaccuracies. They wrongly listed the certificate holder as an “additional insured,” overstated coverage limits, showed erroneous policy effective dates, claimed coverage where none existed and claimed umbrella liability coverage under a non-existent policy.

The disciplinary action bans Gropp from doing business as an insurance producer (agent) and from working for Intermountain in any capacity. The department ordered Gropp to divest his interest in the agency and ordered Gropp and Intermountain to jointly pay a $10,000 administrative penalty by Jan. 4.