United Water now named Suez

United Water is being rebranded as Suez, its parent company.

Paris-based Suez owns 50 companies in 70 countries. It bought United Water, the water utility that operates in Boise, about 15 years ago.

Employees now will wear uniforms, hardhats and identification badges with the Suez brand.

“Our name has changed, yet our commitment to our customers, to preserving clean water supplies and to making sure that we make the most of increasingly scarce resources has not,” Eric Gernath, CEO of Suez North America, said in a news release. “This integration brings together our technology and organization in ways that will bring tangible benefits to customers and enable Suez to be a stronger steward of water and other resources. ... No matter where we live, our relationship with the environment and natural resources has reached a turning point. We must evolve from a culture of take, make and dispose to one of reduce, recover and recycle.”

In Los Angeles, Suez developed a partnership with the West Basin Municipal Water District to recycle wastewater. In Edmonton, Canada, Suez operates the largest solid-waste recovery plant in North America.

The news release did not say how Suez plans to approach water conservation, recycling or waste recovery in the Boise area.