Mount Everest Momo Cafe in Boise to reopen

Momo maker Rajesh Shrestha had a tough November. First, his chief competition in the Treasure Valley, Momo Food of the Himalayas, closed in the early part of the month. That should have been a good thing, but most people thought it was his Mount Everest Momo Cafe in Boise that had closed. Then in the last week of that month, the Broadway Avenue strip mall where his restaurant is located was devastated by a fire. He was forced to actually close along with the mall’s other businesses.

Now, that’s all behind him and Mount Everest will reopen in the same location at 2144 S. Broadway Ave., on May 1. “It’s entirely rebuilt, with a bigger kitchen and new decor,” Shrestha says.

While the building was being rebuilt, Shrestha traveled back to his native Nepal to visit family and freshen up his skills with some cooking classes. Momos are Nepalese dumplings, stuffed with seasoned meats and/or vegetables and served with savory, spicy dipping sauces. He also serves other Nepalese dishes, such as thukpa, a chicken noodle soup, salads and rice dishes.

“I learned to cook here in the U.S.,” he says. “Everything is done different there. So, my food will be more authentic.”

Shrestha is planning a grand reopening celebration on May 15-16.

In other momo news, Ratna Subba, a cook at the former Momo Food of the Himalayas, hit the road this week with his Darjeeling Momo food truck. He also serves chicken curry and chow mein and spicy chili beef. Check out the Facebook page for locations and details.