Modesto-area job seekers take scarcity in stride

With resumes in hand and the weak economy in mind, job seekers milled about a job fair sparse on employers Tuesday in downtown Modesto.

Some had just lost their jobs. A few have been out of work for weeks. Others sought better paying jobs to keep up with the rising costs devouring their budgets.

These job seekers were attending Job Fair '08 presented by The Modesto Bee and at the Modesto Centre Plaza. Here are their thoughts on the big issues they, and so many others, are pondering these days:

About being laid off ...

"I knew it was coming. I'd been stuffing employees' last checks for weeks before they finally turned to me. By that time, I was ready. I'd seen some of the best people go. I knew it wasn't my fault. I probably would've been stunned if it had happened a year ago. I would've blamed myself."

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