CBD business opens at Boise Towne Square mall, Meridian shop planned

Another sign that hemp is going mainstream — even in Idaho — is that shoppers can now pick up CBD products at the Boise Towne Square.

Golden Nugget CBD opened Tuesday in a kiosk that’s near the Apple Store and JC Penney’s on the first floor of the mall, and it is planning a grand opening June 15. It offers a wide variety of products, including tinctures, vapes, bath bombs, creams, candies and chocolate.

All of the CBD products that are sold at the kiosk are derived from hemp and lab certified to be THC-free, which means there isn’t even trace amounts of the psychoactive chemical, said Jennifer Long, one of the owners of the business.

Idaho laws, which make no distinction between marijuana and hemp, have created confusion about hemp-derived products — what’s legal and what’s not. The short answer: Anything that contains THC is illegal in Idaho.

Many CBD products sold around the country and online contain THC in varying amounts. Some are made from marijuana (high levels of THC) and some are hemp-derived (trace amounts of THC). Garden City officials refused to allow a CBD shop to open up without proof that what they were going to sell did not contain any THC.

“We have a binder of test results for every product we have,” Jennifer Long said. “If you’re getting it on the internet, it could come from a variety of places that probably don’t test for pesticides, let alone THC.”

CBD tincture.jpg
One of the most popular products for CBD users is tincture, a liquid form of cannabidiol. Katy Moeller

Treasure Valley Extraction in Ontario makes THC-free CBD from hemp, according to Boisean Jim Hutchens, who along with several friends launched the business last fall.

Long and her husband, Justin, who live in Baker City, Oregon, have partnered in the Boise mall business with friend Alan Archuleta. Justin previously owned a plumbing store and was a general contractor, often away from his wife and three children working jobs across the country.

Since January 2017, the Longs have opened several Oregon businesses: Sumpter’s Golden Nugget marijuana dispensary, Golden Nugget Coffee and Cafe in Sumpter, Golden Nugget Coffee in Huntington, and Golden Nugget CBD in Ontario. They’re also working to make their products available online.

Golden Nugget Ontario.jpeg
The Golden Nugget CBD shop in Ontario, Oregon, opened in April. Katy Moeller

So why open another CBD shop?

“Boise is an underserved market,” Jennifer Long said, noting that local stores might carry a few CBD products but none exclusively focus on it.

That’s why the Longs are opening a CBD shop in Meridian — in a strip mall storefront that used to house a payday loan business. It will be next to Papa Murphy’s at Fairview Avenue and Locust Grove Road. Justin’s mother, Susie Long, is going to run that shop.

CBD is a compound that some users say has positive health benefits, such as helping in managing anxiety, improving sleep and diminishing pain. Clinical studies have showed that it’s effective in treating seizures.

Long said tinctures are popular with buyers.

“It’s because it’s the biggest bang for your buck, really, as far as the amount of CBD per dollar,” she said.

A bottle of the tinctures can cost anywhere from $18 to $187, depending on size and strength.

The CBD kiosk at Boise Towne Square is open during mall hours, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sundays.