What happened to that Linen District furniture store? It was sued by the state

A furniture consignment store in Boise’s Linen District left its customers in a lurch, according to a state lawsuit against the business and its owner.

Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden sued Renaissance Furniture Consign and owner Dale Corson in December. The lawsuit alleged Corson abandoned the store, which was at 1507 W. Main St., as well as two storage units of consigned furniture.

Corson also didn’t pay customers for furniture that Renaissance had sold for them on consignment, Wasden said.

“Renaissance Consign employees worked for weeks with the store’s property management company to return the furniture to its owners,” Wasden’s office said in a news release Tuesday, announcing a settlement of the lawsuit.

Under the settlement, Corson must pay refunds to consumers and must get rid of the business and its customer and employee records. He cannot operate any other consignment businesses in Idaho. He also must reimburse Wasden’s office for its fees and investigative costs.

If he doesn’t comply with the settlement, Corson could have to pay a $50,000 civil penalty, the news release said.

Any customers who think they lost money due to Corson’s practices should file a complaint with Wasden’s consumer protection division by June 10, the news release said.

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