Boise to get a 4DX cinema. Here’s the price of wind, water in your face at the movies

If you’re going to the theater, show some respect!

Rude audiences can ruin plays, movies and concerts. Do you recognize any of these? What annoys you the most?
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Rude audiences can ruin plays, movies and concerts. Do you recognize any of these? What annoys you the most?

Regal Edwards 21 & IMAX theaters, 7701 W. Overland Road, Boise, is outfitting two of its theaters with 4DX technology, which features seats that move and shake, flashing lights, puffs of smoke and scented vapors that sync up with on-screen action.

The renovation is still in the works. If all goes according to plan you may soon be able to smell whiffs from the cinema of Brie Larson’s intriguing yet subtle perfume — we can only assume, at least until the construction is done.

The updates are slated to cost the theater around $200,000 according to an application filed with the Boise Department of Planning and Zoning this week.

Since 2010, cinemas around the country have been equipping their theaters with the technology, developed in South Korea by the conglomerate CJ. Like IMAX, only certain movies will play at the 4DX screens. Regal Theatres, which owns the Edwards Boise Cinema, is currently playing Captain America at 4DX theaters it operates in other states.

Some have called the experience gimmicky, harkening back to experimental industry inventions like Smell-O-Vision in the 50s, which proved to be a flop. Others have heralded it as the future of moviegoing.

As popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu give people more reason to watch movies on their couch, cinemas have been forced to make the movies more of an experience. In 2018, the Village Cinema in Meridian remodeled its auditoriums to include electric reclining seats. It also offers adult-only VIP sections, where servers deliver dinner and drinks.

Tickets tend to be priced higher than normal theaters. In Charlotte, North Carolina, Regal charges around $23 for an adult ticket to a 4DX film. But with all the jerking, swaying, and occasional splashes of water to the face, its all the motion sickness of a roller coaster at a fraction of the price.

Regal did not respond to a request for comment.

An assistant manager for Regal Edwards Boise said that he was not authorized to comment.

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