Boise bicyclists have another reason to ride Hill Road. A new shop will open there

Cyclists pedal along Hill Road.
Cyclists pedal along Hill Road. Statesman file photo

Hill Road is Boise’s most popular thoroughfare for bicycles cruising west to wide-open spaces.

Next year, the route will be even more appealing to cyclists.

Bauerhaus Bikes plans to move into a cinderblock building at 4001 W. Hill Road. Northwest Boise residents remember it as Arnie’s Upholstery and, before that, Collister Upholstery.

Opened in 2016, Bauerhaus now operates at 1417 Grove St., across from Big City Coffee in the Linen District.

Owner Jason Bauer plans to close that store when he moves the business to Hill Road — hopefully, by spring.

“I’m pretty excited,” he says. “... I’ve been looking for a building for a long time.”

Bauerhaus exterior.jpg
This cinderblock building at 4001 W. Hill Road was the longtime home of upholstery businesses. Michael Deeds

Being situated on heavily pedaled Hill Road was a serendipitous part of the plan to relocate Bauerhaus Bikes. Bauer and his wife, Laci, landed the 3,400-square-foot space after searching in Boise and Garden City.

“We have a pretty decent clientele, so location wasn’t super important,” Jason Bauer says. “But ... a lot of our clients are North End, Foothills dwellers. It makes it pretty darn easy.”

Bauerhaus’ expert mechanic services will be an oasis for any cyclist in the neighborhood. A Boise native, Bauer worked at George’s Cycles for more than 20 years.

A high-end bike shop, Bauerhaus operates more like a brokerage, Bauer says. About 90 percent of sales are mountain bikes, and the majority sold are in the $4,000 to $5,000 range.

Mountain biking is more popular than road biking in the Treasure Valley. And car traffic has increased vastly on Hill Road since Bauer was a kid. “It used to be that was a pretty chill place to go ride a road bike,” he says. “Kind of with westward expansion, it’s gotten a little more sketchy.”

But Hill Road still sees lots of Spandex. Bauerhaus Bikes will be prepared.

“We’re definitely going to have to carry a few more road tubes,” Bauer says.

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