St. Luke’s completes switch to electronic health records

St. Luke’s says that a recent technology switchover will improve care for a Boise resident who tears a ligament while skiing in Sun Valley, or a Mountain States Tumor Institute cancer patient who goes to St. Luke’s pharmacy, or a Twin Falls mother gives birth at St. Luke’s Meridian.

The switchover on Oct. 1 moved all St. Luke’s Health System providers onto a single platform, called myStLuke’s. About 10,000 providers and staff are using it now, according to a news release from St. Luke’s.

“The integrated health records system allows St. Luke’s health care providers to access the same patient medical records in an instant,” the release said. “Previously, doctors and nurses relied on multiple records systems, and the systems did not connect or communicate seamlessly.”

St. Luke’s Treasure Valley clinics began transitioning to the system about three years ago. All other St. Luke’s hospitals and clinics switched over simultaneously Oct. 1.

“We quite literally migrated millions of documents in the few days before,” St. Luke’s spokeswoman Anita Kissee said. “Then on that early Saturday morning, with a command center full of all our top IT people and [chief executives], we stopped using all old systems and essentially flipped a switch to the new one.”

The system took precautions in case of technical problems during the switchover — using old-fashioned paper for patients who were in the hospital.

Audrey Dutton: 208-377-6448, @IDS_Audrey