Governor wants to raise Illinois income taxes by 50 percent

Jane Nesbit is in a bind.

Illinois has told her it's going to cut about half the funding it provides for the nonprofit organization she runs, Developmental Disability Services of Metro East.

On one hand, Nesbit is fighting for the money she needs to serve the roughly 700 people with developmental disabilities who rely on her agency.

On the other, she can't help but wonder whether she's being used -- along with other social-service providers and their recipients.

"I would tell you that I feel used, and I don't know that the governor is the only one that's making me feel that way," Nesbit said.

Who else?

She paused, then said, "Illinois politics in general."

Nesbit's organization evaluates people, determines whether they meet requirements for various social services, then guides them on how to get those services, which include home-based support and residential programs.

Other organizations across Illinois that serve people with disabilities, the elderly, the poor and abused children have received similar funding-cut notices from the state.

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