Ex-Gov. Easley 'comfortable' with FBI probe

RALEIGH — Former Gov. Mike Easley doesn't have a problem with federal investigators looking into what he did while in office, he said Saturday.

Easley's comments came in a two-line statement released Saturday afternoon, the day after FBI agents served a subpoena on the state Highway Patrol that ordered the agency to hand over all information about private plane trips taken by the Easley family since 2000.

"I am comfortable with the federal authorities collecting and reviewing all records relating to my 30 years of public service to the people of North Carolina," Easley said. "I am confident of the outcome, and we look forward to moving on with our private lives."

The comments were the first from Easley since questions were raised about private air travel he took in office and vehicles the family didn't own but that were used by his wife, Mary, and son, Michael Easley Jr.

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