Meet the Treasure Valley Pets of the Week (Nov. 4-Nov. 10)

Local pets are available for adoption in the Treasure Valley through the West Valley Humane Society, the Meridian Canine Rescue, Simply Cats and the Idaho Humane Society. Here are the featured pets from local rescue shelters this week:

Meet Mamushka from Simply Cats

Have you danced the Mamushka? It’s a dance to celebrate something grand. And boy, am I that! If you haven’t guessed it, Mamushka is my name, and I am a (hopefully temporary) resident at Simply Cats. I’m a beautiful tortie with a big personality. My previous family tried for a couple years to get their dogs to stop bugging me. They thought chasing me was fun. I’m not that kind of cat, though. I would be happy to never live with dogs again! However, I think I could adapt to calm ones that don’t chase.

I’m declawed and need an indoor only home. And you’re in luck; I don’t like being outdoors anyway. I’m calm, confident, and adept at dolphin jumps and head butts. I love treats of all varieties so I can’t be labeled as picky. I’m the kind of cat that wants to snuggle if it’s my idea. I’m definitely a lap cat but prefer if you think I’m not there. Too many pets gets me slightly overstimulated so if I could just lay there awhile while you’re knitting or watching television, I’d be in feline heaven.

Like all cats, I want my forever home. A home where your bed is my bed and windows are my daytime perching spots. If you think you’re the one for me, please come visit me in Room 6. Just have a seat and I’ll come to you and show you how to dance the Mamushka.

Mamushka the cat is available for adoption through Simply Cats. Simply Cats

Meet Charlie from Meridian Canine Rescue

Hello world, I’m Charlie! I’m a charismatic, affectionate boy, and I am excited to find my forever home here in Idaho. I came all the way from the great big state of Texas to meet my future family! I’m 3 years old, and I enjoy lots and lots of attention and affection. My favorite place to be is right on your nice warm lap, or by your side going on a nice stroll through the park where I can smell all the smells!

I really enjoy the company and companionship of my hooman friends, and I especially love when they give me treats and tell me “ good boy.” My favorite snack is chicken! Sometimes I can be a little shy, but once I warm up to you I make myself right at home in your lap. Oh, do you like kisses? Cause I love to give lots and lots of kisses.

My ideal day would be spent with my hoomans, right by their side. If you’re looking for the perfect sidekick, I’m your right hand man, so bring the whole family by MCR during open hours to meet me!

Charlie 1.jpg
Charlie the dog is available for adoption through Meridian Canine Rescue. Meridian Canine Rescue
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