Meet the Treasure Valley Pets of the Week (Aug. 19-Aug. 25)

Local pets are available for adoption in the Treasure Valley through the West Valley Humane Society, the Meridian Canine Rescue, Simply Cats and the Idaho Humane Society. Here are the featured pets from local rescue shelters this week:

Meet Tiny Tim from Meridian Canine Rescue

Hi, world! My name is Tiny Tim. I have no idea why people named me that. I’m a huge dog. HUGE. Like, more than 4 pounds.

And yeah, my ears carry most of that weight, but I think that makes me even more adorable. Did you know that when the sun is shining, my ears glow? They really do! I’m basically a magical creature. I’m looking for a family who will see me and treat me as the majestic superdog that I know I am.

No need to carry me around like a baby (although I don’t mind it). No need to skip walks — I’ll keep up with you. I’m a whole year old, so I’m a grownup now. I’m happy to meet others, to go exploring, and to run like a wolf, wild and free. I’m good with other small dogs, but I haven’t met big dogs, cats, or kids yet.

Sometimes I can be a little shy at first. And if I’m being totally honest with you, I fancy a good nap under a pile of blankets. When we get home, you’ll probably find me nestled up in a bed of my own making, happily dreaming about my adoption story.

Tiny Tim 1.jpg
Tiny Tim the dog is available for adoption through Meridian Canine Rescue. Meridian Canine Rescue

Meet Alice from Simply Cats

My name is Alice and this is my plea. More than any other cat that has recently come through Simply Cats’ doors, I need a home. I’m in a room alone, locked, rarely seen during the day and only barely eating at night. I am very afraid and can lash out at anyone who gets too close.

I was happy in my former home which is strikingly different than me now, slamming into doors. I have a heightened level of fear that makes me unable to receive the enrichment available to other cats. They have given me time and space to adjust but my terror just doesn’t go away. They hate to see me suffering, I know they do, I hear the staff talking about it all the time. They also say that my inactivity, poor eating and constant stress will soon make me sick and I know I wouldn’t be able to let them treat me, I’m just too afraid. For my health and well being, I need a home and I need it today.

I was an indoor only, lap cat prior to my move here. My owner has medical issues and just couldn’t keep me. I know it’s not his fault, but that doesn’t make this any less hard for me. I know I could get back to the old me if I just had a place where I can take my time to settle in with understanding humans. Do you think that could be you?

If you do, you can ask to see me at Simply Cats in Room 1. I know staff and I would be so grateful for your consideration of my special circumstances. I’m holding onto hope.

Alice the cat is available for adoption from Simply Cats. Simply Cats