Meridian Pet of the Week: Oscar


Oscar, 5, will hook you from the first moment. You’ve been warned.

First, Oscar will act shy and cute. His coy demeanor just makes you want him all the more. Then he’ll start to wiggle. He’ll approach you with his whole body twisting back and forth, and from then on, his tail just will not stop moving. Unless he’s asked you for a belly rub. Which he’ll do, without fail. Oscar is not shy when it comes to belly rubs, and he will happily roll over for anyone. His tail does stop moving while he’s enjoying his massage, and he’ll start to close his eyes and relax into the moment. If you forget to move your hand, Oscar will gently remind you to keep going.

Once you’ve moved on past the belly rub intro, Oscar will try to convince you to take him for a walk. Because walks are super fun, obviously. He might ask you if he can meet your dog, at which point he’ll probably wiggle his whole body up to your dog and smooch him/her right on the nose. This guy is a lover through and through.

Oscar is a champ at adulting. He’s learned that first impressions are important. He knows how to make eye contact and act mature during social interactions. He would probably tolerate most kids (though we haven’t introduced him to any). And he’s had enough relationships to know what it takes to sustain a love affair.

To meet Oscar and other adoptable dogs come to the Meridian Canine Rescue and fill out an application. The rescue’s location is 501 E. Scenery Lane in Meridian. Hours are noon to 5 p.m. Thursday through Sunday. Call 208-794-0844 or go to