Meridian Pet of the Week: Ruby


Ruby, 3, is affectionate, energetic, playful, and ready to conquer the world. She is always down for a game of fetch, so be sure to stock up on tennis balls because, with Ruby at your side, you’ll need them. Ruby loves her people and her playtime, and she’s ready for a forever home this go-around.

Ruby has been through two previous families. The first time around, Ruby wasn’t doing well with the small dog in the home and was having a hard time with strangers. The second time around, Ruby’s guardian could no longer take care of her due to health problems, and her protective and territorial behaviors were becoming increasingly difficult for her guardian’s caregivers to manage.

This girl loves her people and her home. She thinks it’s her job to guard them, to protect them, and to keep everyone safe. Unfortunately, she’s experienced aversive training methods in the past, so her anxiety and behaviors became more difficult to manage in her last home. She has a hard time meeting strangers (but we work with her regularly and she continues to get better and better), but she is incredibly communicative when she needs people to give her space and time to adjust. As long as they respect her, Ruby generally does fine.

Ruby’s deafness makes it even more important for humans to respect her boundaries and slowly introduce her to new people and things. It also makes her very attentive. We would recommend a home with only older children who will not startle Ruby or grab her unexpectedly.

Ruby is incredibly smart. She knows several cues already (sit, down, wait, and release just to name a few), and she’s eager to please her family. Her fear of strangers is improving each day, but we are still looking to send her home with an experienced handler, someone who has the time to spend with her, someone she can learn to trust to show her amazingly beautiful, loving true self. She will need continued training, this will not only benefit Ruby from a ‘manners’ perspective but will also help to created a strong bond between Ruby and her ‘training partner.’ Ruby is a willing student and will thrive if she’s given a structured, predictable home life.

Ruby has done well with cats in the past, but she’s a little more selective with her dog friends. For now, we recommend that Ruby is the only dog in the home. She is house-trained and reportedly crate-trained, as well, though we do know that she’s an accomplished crate-escape-artist. Please call us at 208-794-0944 if you’d like to learn more about Ruby or if you’d like to schedule a meet-and-greet. Visits with Ruby are by appointment only.

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